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Who Owns the House of Kavanaugh


Let’s take a little time today to talk about the House of Kavanaugh—specifically, the hefty mortgage on said house.

In 2006, Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh bought a house for $1.22m. Kavanaugh was confirmed as a federal appeals judge the same year — earning a salary of $175,000 at the time. He has supplemented his income by teaching law courses, which brings in $27,000 a year.

They put $245k down, a number that does not appear on his financial disclosures of 2005, which show a net worth of $91k.


That’s a mighty big down payment and an absolutely bonkers mortgage given the income level. The mortgage payments ($4600/mo.) alone were more than what Brett Kavanaugh took home in 2006 after taxes.

Even in the mid-2000s, at height of RE bubble, why would any bank approve such a terrible loan? And why would Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh agree to it?

Within a year of buying the house, the family was drowning in credit card debt. By the end of 2006, Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh owed five financial institutions, combined, a total of one million dollars.


How in the world did the Kavanaugh family manage to navigate such a financial mess without going broke?


  1. A huge and sudden infusion of money needed to buy his house
  2. The insane ebbs and flows of his finances
  3. The story about purchasing baseball tickets for “old friends” and accruing $60-200k of debt in doing so
  4. His propensity for lying
  5. His clear comfort with political dark money

There is clearly more to this story. If a sitting Supreme Court Justice is beholden to unknown creditors, we need to know.  Who owns Kavanaugh?

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