Does Rudy Giuliani Understand What Rudy Giuliani Is Saying In This Fox News Interview?

President Trump’s lawyer called into “Outnumbered” to try to explain why he denied Trump attended a pre-Trump-Tower planning meeting in July 2016, even though no one else had reported that such a meeting took place.

Confused? So were the Trump friendly hosts at Fox News who found themselves utterly baffled as Rudy tried to cleanup the mess he made earlier in the weekend:

Specifically, Giuliani tried to explain his claim that there had been a meeting that had previously not been reported in which Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates planned their strategy for the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents.

As host Harris Faulkner pointed out, it’s pretty strange for Giuliani to insist that Trump had never been at a meeting who’s existence had not been made public yet.

“That takes on a question that hasn’t been asked, or even suggested,” she said.

Giuliani gave a rock solid respone:

“There was another meeting that has been leaked that hasn’t been published yet,” he started. “That was an alleged meeting three days before — or according to the leak, maybe Cohen will withdraw this, I don’t know — they haven’t pursued it. And two publications are not going to publish it. I think they found independent contradiction. He says it was a meeting with Donald Jr., with Jared Kushner, with Paul Manafort, with Gates, with possibly two others, in which they — out of the presence of the president — discussed the meeting with the Russians. We checked with their lawyers, the ones we could check with, that meeting never took place, it didn’t happen. It’s a figment of his imagination or he’s lying.”

Faulkner did her best to clean it up for him:

“What you’re saying now is that there was another meeting that was leaked that has not been made public and — I would assume until now — really described by you in detail that have been three days prior that had done, Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Gates, and possibly two others,” she began. “And that’s the meeting that Michael Cohen says the president knew about ahead of time, but you say the president was not there?”

“No, no,” Giuliani began before immediately contradicting himself.

“I don’t know! All I have is two reporters telling me Cohen told them there was a meeting three days before, with a group of people that I said, and that the president was not there. He didn’t say the president knew about it.”

What a complete and total moron.

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