Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Inspires Terror in Conservative Columnist

Colbert does a great job tearing through the ridiculous logic behind a conservative columnists response to attending an Ocasio-Cortez speech.

I love this line:

“Jesus didn’t say – look, I’d heal your leprosy, but you’re out of the network.”

How do we “immunize” the right wing base against some of these ridiculous ideas.

“Healthcare bad! Education bad!”

“War good, more war better!”

Meyers also did a great job addressing the subject:

It boggles my mind that so many low-income people buy into this. It’s one thing to convince someone that they don’t deserve help, but it’s entirely another to have them believe that not receiving help when they need it is a coveted position that they should be proud to have achieved through their own merits, even as they die on a stretcher because all the hospitals within 50 miles have closed because capitalism.

I suppose we also need to remember the Red Scare and McCarthyism. Generations of people were indoctrinated to the idea that socialism is immoral and unworkable. (Of course most of the “unworkable” part came at the hands of the CIA) We jailed people for belonging to a political party. We kept lists of citizens we suspected of being sympathetic to socialist goals and ideals. We did this for decades and we are still suffering from that culture of hate and paranoia created by the military industrial complex wanting to sell more bombs and guns and death.

We did all this while ignoring the simple truth that this nation is and has always been a socialist representative democracy. It’s ignorance and indoctrination that brought us to this point where we can’t do what’s right for the people because we are scared of the word socialism.

It’s also part of believing in the just-world fallacy, often supercharged by religion. It’s a major part of the American conservative’s mindset, affecting their views on a wide range of issues.

On last point. Anyone else notice that the right wing’s biggest boogeyman is Antifa? Think about that for a moment. Their biggest fear is a group of anti fascist people. Isn’t that all we really need to know?

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